[ru-rock-in-il] ru-rock-in-il config. changes

From: Vassilii Khachaturov (vassilii_at_optimedia.co.il)
Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 15:53:55 IST

1) now the reply-to address should actually be the list address
2) the list description is changed (no more Deutchland :-) )
-- try the 'lists' command
3) the 'who' command is disabled -- mail me if it bothers you.
This is a precaution against spammer robots.
4) a signature with a reference to the list home page
is added to every resent message from now on

TO BE DONE with the homepage:
merge the FAQ, disk shops addresses, set up hypertext archives (later),
KOI8/win32 filters (depends on the FAQ written in Russian) -- yet even
more later.

Russian Rock in Israel mailing list home page can be found at

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