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From: Leonid Ulitsky (
Date: Mon 20 Jul 1998 - 13:57:36 IDT

>From the same digest - eshe 2 pisma. Ya hochu zametit', chto na osnovanii


>Thank you for the review and setlist, Eugene. (What's the
>exact name of the venue?)
>I am sorry to see you're so disappointed.
>Nick does not usually talk a lot during shows, but normally he
>does say a few things and you can tell from that whether he's
>in a good mood or not. But even in a bad mood, Nick can be quite
>a good performer - he has enough routine by now.
>Apparently this didn't work last Saturday. A reaction of somebody
>in the guestbook on my page does not sound very enthusiastic
>either: "He said to the auditorium
> "Fuck you", I don't know why.
> He threw all flowers on the floor.
> The sound was bad."
>If the sound in a particular venue is bad, it can really spoil their
>mood. But I also think the band needs new songs to be in their
>best form. Maybe this tour is too much routine for them. I'll see
>on Wednesday...

>Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 14:18:47 +0400
>From: Eugene Kossoy <>
>Subject: Update for my own lamentation :-)
> Thank you, Maurice, for the reply.
> Do you have any feedbacks on Moscov show?
> As for sound it wasn't good definitely, and I believe no one
> venue in Russia has a good sound capablities (except for Kremlin
> concert hall probably [BULLSHIT !!! - Leonia]
> , which I've never been to and likely never
> would). The worse thing is that all tunes were exactly as on the records,
> there were no single step aside from the music or words (with a small
> exception for Into My Arms) [BULLSHIT !!! - Ship Song v 100 raz luchshe
> zvuchit na concerte ]
> The exact name of the venue is Big Concert Hall 'Octyabrsky'.
> I didn't mean 'talk' literally, but more I meant that we wasn't target
> of his expression, it wasn't aimed at us at all.
> I haven't heard explicit 'Fuck you' to the audience, but he very often
> pointed at people at the words like 'bitch', 'fucking insect' and so on.
> This is why I lowered my eyes every time he was near next dangerous verse
> :-) But I guess it wasn't specific to this concert.
> And they do need new songs. So much. [Tozhe bred. Esli ty popal na
concert "Greatest
> Hits - otnosis' k etomu sootvetsvenno. Hochesh novyh pesen - ezhaj na
> v Europe na budushij god. A Cave vypustil 2 novyh albuma podrad, i imeet
pravo na otdyh !]
> Eugene
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