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From: Leonid Ulitsky (
Date: Wed 29 Jul 1998 - 12:08:51 IDT

Hi !

Well, this one was really GREAT !!! Much different from Tel-Aviv, even
though, the
songs were the same.
Set-list was the same as in Tel-Aviv in the main part, except, that they did
"West Country Girl" instead of "Henry Lee". The order was the same also.
Encore 1 :
   - Henry Lee
   - Wild Roses
Encore 2 :
   - Plain Gold Ring
   - Nobody's baby now

I've seen the set-list from mixing desk, that included also "Deanne",
"Tupello", and
"Jack the Ripper", but they decided to drop it, probably.
The venue was really small - the club with some 500 people (!!!). It was
full of course,
but people not really pushed, it was very pleasant. The stage was right at
the crowd, no
security, no barrier, nothing. Many songs Nick sang right above the people
from front rows,
took cigarets from them in the breaks between the songs, gave his cigarets
before started to
sign, shaked the hands - really mixed with us ! It was real CLUB GIG,
unlike in Tel-Aviv.

It was very-very hot inside, all the musiciants left in shirts (took of the
jackets) very soon. Blixa was the hero of the night (along with Nick of
course). In first 3 songs he
was almost asleep, may be he was under drugs, I don't know, but he seemed
that way.
During "Red Right Hand", I looked at him, and thought, that they are not
going to play
"Wild Roses" - the man just didn't function. But already in next song -
"Stranger then Kindness" he have already done the great solo, and was "in"
all the way after that.
In the breaks between the songs, he got many calls from the crowd. "From
Her To Eternity"
was great, but after it, the ampliphier went broking. Nick said "We'll do
the short break,
I don't know what we can do", and left. Everybody else left too (it was
really hot, they had
to drink something), except the Blixa, who stayed, came to the keyboards,
and started to play some simple, but nice melody.
Later on Mick Harvey joined him, afterwards drums and perscussions, and it
was very nice
4-5 minutes number. After that, Nick came back and said "I don't know, we
have this
ampliphier broken, and that ampliphier broken, we'll try to do some other
and announced "Henry Lee". Mick Harvey took the acoustic guitar, but they
suddenly changed their mind, Mick took electric guitar back, and the
continued with "Do You Love Me" (Great !!!), and with regular set-list.
What's a pity, actually, may be we lost the chance to listen to something
interesting. But the sound was good, it seems they fixed it.

"The Mercy Seat" was the best. So energetic, in such a small place, I felt
that the got playing at the frequencies, that can't be gotten by human
ears, and got by the brain only.
I felt, that Nick is singning, but didn't hear it, really. No words, you
had to be there to get it. "Ship Song" also was highlight - every body sang
it along - 3 voices on stage, and
400 in the public. Great feeling.

During encore, on "Wild Roses", Blixa was great, I had a feeling, that his
level was much too low, I almost didn't hear him. But may be that was
because everybody sang it along too loud %^). Unlike in Tel-Aviv, he moved
on stage during that song, that was very dynamic. And they kissed and
hugged with Nick after it. And "Plain Gold Ring" was great,
with great violin solo. Everything is felt different in such small space.

The breaks before the encores were rather long - much longer then in
Tel-Aviv. The public
used to applause in the rithm of "Mercy Seat" - it's difficult to have such
a rithm for a long time, it went for some 20 seconds, then went slower, and
then started back.
The crowd was great - THE PLACE for Nick Cave concerts. Everybody was
really in.
To the second encore Nick came in black shirt, and moved with his back to the
crowd, to let us read - "The Tatoo by Moshe Alul" in English and Hebrew.
He finished with "God Bless You All", "You are wonderfull" and "See you in
2 years".

Unfortunately, they didn't play more - you see, it was very hot, and they
had some
technical problems. But the concert lasted for 2 hours almost : 22:25 - 0:20.
There were no warm-up bands this time. And back-stage curtain was on its
place, BTW.

That's all for now. More thoughts and recalls on my homepage soon.
But it was wonderful, really "The concert of the summer" for me

Leonid Ulitsky.
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Phone : +(972)-(0)3-9490977 (home), +(972)-(0)9-9526557 (work)
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