Stern Alex (Sly) proudly presents!!! Admiral party!!! (fwd)

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Date: Mon 22 Feb 1999 - 00:24:59 IST

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Subject: Stern Alex (Sly) proudly presents!!! Admiral party!!!

                              Hi to all!
     This Thursday (25/2/99) at 22:00 after 3 month break we'll hold a
                          "Life music Party"!!!

             Music will be performed by:

             Stas Cherniy,
                              Sivov Danny.

             All of you/your friends, BF's & GF's are invited!

                       The Party will take place in
             well known pub "Admiral" (Merkaz Carmel) at 22:00.

                   Contact phone: 04-8374899 ("Admiral")
             For additional info mail to:

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