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From: Stepan M. Pechkin (pechkin_at_netvision.net.il)
Date: Wed 09 Jun 1999 - 01:59:20 IDT

 To ru-rock-in-il@lists.neystadt.org - greetings!

    Eto uzhe, vidimo, ustakaneno. Itak, SESSION Katy J. Trend sostoitsja
19.06.99. Strelka - v 17:00 v Amfiteatre Techniona. Zhelatel'no imet' s soboj,
na chem sidet'.

   Gospoda bardy i krutye rokery. Ja znaju, chto vy v principe indifferentny
ko vsemu, chto ne kasaetsja naprjamuju vas i vashej lichnoj sadhany. No zrja,
zrja. There are more things in heaven and on earth... More things.

      Napominaju: http://forest.pu.ru/trend, http://pechkin.spb.ru/x/kjt,

    Stepan (-: npubetom :-)

aka pechkin@handlin.pet.ac.il http://pechkin.spb.ru
FidoNet 2:405/333.21, 2:5020/644.51

>*< They tell you not only about cars that actually are coming but also cars that might be coming, and they do it so kindly and gently

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