From: Stanislav Borutsky (
Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 21:07:47 IDT

Hi, BACbKA, kuda ischez ? uzhe na 2 maila ne otvetil.
Znayu, chto ne zabyl - ty menya na liste upomyanul,
mozhet moya pochta k tebe ne dohodit ?
Palm V - 338$
Palm IIIx - 293$
Palm III - 178$

Za poslednie 2 dnya tseny upali dollarov na 20...
Zhal' tol'ko, chto -

International Orders
BUY.COM is unable to process any credit cards that are issued or billed outside
of the United States.
In order to better serve our international customers, BUY.COM is in the process
of setting up warehouse
locations in Europe and Canada. These sites should be up over the next several
weeks and will handle all
overseas orders. Until these site are running we will be unable to accept or
process any further orders
shipping outside of the United States. Please check our site often for
announcements of these additional locations.

A net li u tebya kogo, chto mog by tam zakazat', kupit' i privezti ?

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