FWD: Rumours

From: Ulitsky Leonid (ulitsky_at_wisdom.weizmann.ac.il)
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 12:59:07 IST

Hi, Ppl !

Ya tut poluchil vot takoe pis'mo FYI :

>Hi Leonid!
>I talked to Hadran ticket office, and got from them
>that Alanis Morissette is about to come to perform
in Israel. They still don't have a specific date,
>but they think it will be in Nvember.
>Can you PLEASE try and look out for me the specific date?
>And something more. I also heard that Tori Amos is
>about to take a world tour for her new album,
>which includes Israel.
>Can you please try and look up for me if she will
> be coming here to perform and when, Thanks!

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