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Hello all,

I would like to update you as to the upcoming Irish music events in Israel.

During the first week of March the first Irish Music and Film Festival will be taking place in Tel Aviv, produced by CAMELOT productions and Tel Aviv municipality. Here is the concert schedule (further details will be in the special web page Camelot will make available soon):

Wed. March 1, 23:00 CIAN in Camelot. Cian is a brilliant young group from Ireland . Their debut album was released last year and won great reviews. They play concertina, Guitar, Bodhran and flute. http://homepage.tinet.ie/~cianmusic/
Thu., March 2, 23:00 CIAN in Camelot.
Fri. March 3:

21:00 Emer Mayock and Black Velvet, in the Sinematech.
I am sure I do not have to introduce Black Velvet - the band who has been playing Irish music in Israel for many years. This time they host one of the most wonderful young musicians in Ireland today. Emer is a multi instrumentalist who plays the flute, Uilleann pipes and fiddle. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Fri. March 3 , 23:00 Paddy Glackin (fiddle) and Michael O'Donnell (Guitar) in Camelot. Those two are very well known to anyone who has been interested in Irish music over the years. They are both former members of the legendary Bothy Band - one of the supergroups of the 70's. Both recorded many albums and they are currently working on their new album due to be released later on this year. Paddy's solo CD "In Full Spate" is in my humble opinion - one of the best fiddle CD's ever produced.

Fri. March 3, 23:00 CIAN in the Cinematech.
Sat. March 4, 21:00 Paddy Glackin and Michael O'Donnell in the Cinematech.

Sat. March 4, 23:00 Emer Mayock with Black Velvet in Camelot

Sat. March 4, 23:00 Treasa Harkin (button accordion) with Cahol (Israel!) - Cinematech. Treasa, until recently, played with group ANAM.
Sun, March 5, 20:30 and 23:00 - Treasa Harkin with Cahol in Camelot.


Mon, March 6, 23:00 Emer Mayock and Black Velvet in Camelot.

I AM VERY HAPPY to inform you that Jerry O'Sullivan, one of the world's best Uillean Pipers, will be coming to Israel again in April for another concert tour with Black Velvet.
You can find the schedule at: http://www.geocities.com/ayelet-hacohen/jerry-bv-2000.html

We are currently working on Jerry's itinerary, so there are some details missing, but keep checking the page and I promise to update it as soon as I have the details.

That's it for now. Things are REALLY looking good for Irish music in Israel... and did I mention supergroup DERVISH will be coming to Israel in late May???


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