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From: Leonid Ulitsky (
Date: Wed 25 Oct 2000 - 14:26:56 IST

Hi !

Vot takaja messyaga byla poslana v mailing list nekoj izvestnoj gruppy.
IMHO, ochen' sil'no %^))))


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We were driving home on a main road in Jerusalem when I saw some kids behind
a wall throwing stones at our car. These rolling stones thankfully just
rolled towards the car, missing their mark. Luckily we caught an army
vehicle up the road who accosted these two stone throwers.

Remember the story of the deaf genie who turned this guy into a 12-inch
pianist???? I feel Someone out there greatly MISUNDERSTOOD MY requests
during New Year prayers for the Rolling Stones to come to Israel... :)

Leah - who has to put in another request up on high - " ...for the human
rolling stones..."

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