Shoom 07.05.03 21:30 MMF TA

From: ilia mazia (
Date: Thu 24 Apr 2003 - 15:08:56 IDT

Shoom (Jerusalem) - the only ethnocore band in Israel :-)

Experimental world music based on Armenian and Balkan roots.

Official site

Maccabi Music Factory
Salame 40, T.-A.
07.05.03 at 21:30
Entrance fee 35 NIS

"Shoom is steeped in traditional music, but-percussion and bass driven-
their output is equally suited for the dancefloor. "(Folkworld, Germany)

"Shoom are the kind of band who transform original traditional folksongs
into something completely new..." (Original Sin , Belgium)

Lenya i Mark! Bolshaya prosba! Isprav'te datu konzerta u vas v afishah
s 14.05 na 7.05. Izmenenie proizoshlo po vine hozyaev MMF.

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