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Vo-pervyh, kak test, vo vtoryh - FYI.
Vzyato s "Undercover" - Rolling Stones List
( http://www.netaxs.com/~rzepelaa/undercover/majordomo.html )

                    Majordomo for Undercover subscribers
   This Majordomo help file has been customized for subscribers to
   Undercover and Undercover-digest, two lists run from the Internet host
   Last Update: 09-Feb-1997
   Majordomo is a program which:

     * immediately distributes e-mail, which has been sent to one single
       mailing list address, to a list of recipients who voluntarily
       subscribe to the list
     * distributes at an appointed time an accumulated log of the day's
       individual email messages (a digest) to a list of people who wish
       to receive it that way
     * automatically handles subscribing to and unsubscribing from the
       mailing lists
     * responds to basic information requests about the lists
   Subscribing, Unsubscribing, and posting to Undercover using Majordomo
   are all explained in detail elsewhere.
   But there are other functions you can have Majordomo perform for you
   for once you are subscribed to a list, and here we explain some of the
   rarely used commands that majordomo obeys. It is important that all
   commands to majordomo be phrased and spelled exactly the way they are
   given here. Because majordomo is a computer program, it is very
   literal-minded and can only understand commands which exactly match
   the ones it was taught.

   Here's a list of the things you can tell majordomo to do. You send it
   these commands by sending mail to majordomo@pobox.com, leaving the
   subject line blank, and including each command as a separate line of
   Working Majordomo
   What the email to majordomo says: What majordomo does when it receives
   the email
   - help Majordomo replies with a list of commands
   - subscribe some-list-name Majordomo subscribes the sender to the named
   - subscribe some-list-name some-address Majordomo subscribes the
   supplied address to the named list.
   - unsubscribe some-list-name Majordomo unsubscribes the sender from the
   named list if the sender sent the mail from exactly the address he was
   subscribed to.
   - unsubscribe some-list-name some-email-address Majordomo unsubscribes
   the supplied address from the named list.
   - which Majordomo replies with a catalogue of the mailing lists the
   sender is subscribed to.
   - which some-email-address Majordomo replies with a catalogue of the
   mailing lists which some-email-address is subscribed to.
   - lists Majordomo replies with a catalogue of the mailing lists it
   handles at that site, with a half-line description of each list.
   - info some-list-name Majordomo sends back the summary information about
   the list named some-list-name.
   - who some-list-name Majordomo replies with a list of the e-mail
   addresses which are subscribed to some-list-name.
   - index some-list-name Majordomo replies with an index of the filenames
   available automatically via email. Usually, these files are the
   archives of the list you name in the command.
   - get some-list-name some-file-name Majordomo sends the specific file
   back in e-mail, if it is available. Use the INDEX command to see what
   files are available for a list.
   - end Majordomo ignores anything in a letter which comes after the
   command end instead of trying to treat it as a command. If you have a
   signature or other text at the end of your letter, use end as the last
   Not all of these commands are necessarily usable for any given list;
   the administrator for that list can turn these commands off. The
   command which most often gets turned off is subscribe. The list owner
   can tell majordomo to require a password before letting people get
   subscribed to the list -- in which case a subscribe command is
   forwarded to the list owner (administrator). Similarly, majordomo can
   be told not to give out information about the list without the owner's
   password, or not to resend the mail sent to
   some-list-name@majordomo.pobox.com to the subscribers without the
   owner's approval first. If majordomo can understand a request but has
   been told not to obey it without a password, majordomo will forward
   the request to the list owner; the owner can then approve or deny the
   Sometimes list subscribers may need to reach a person instead of the
   majordomo program. The majordomo program will automatically forward
   mail that needs password approval to the list owner. However, if you
   need to contact your list owner directly, you can send mail to the
   owner of a list by sending mail to

   (Modified from a work written by E. Elizabeth Bartley
   Copyright 1994, by The University of Chicago.)
Leonid Ulitsky.
e-mail : ulitsky@wisdom.weizmann.ac.il, ulitsky@wiztec.co.il
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