From: Vassilii Khachaturov (
Date: Sat 28 Feb 1998 - 00:37:34 IST

Finally, the long-awaited moderated mailing list for Russian Rock in
Israel events,
shops/ticketing contact info etc. announcements is open for

Next week hypermail archive of both lists will be established at the
list homepage.
Sorry, I've been really overworked this week.

Those who are bothered by the high (?) traffic and discussions that are
(from now on at least) supposed to take place at the present
(ru-rock-in-il) list,
are cordially offered to sign off this list and go to the moderated one.
further complaints about "high traffic" and "meaningless discussions"
will be
strongly discouraged on this lists. Please either sign off the list, if
you don't
like it, or be creative enough to start a new thread -- if you think
you're are more
smart than those participating in the thread you are about to criticise,
why not
creating a smarter discussion yourself?

The announcements posted to the present list will be forwarded to the
announce list.

To post the announce list directly, you must first subscribe it.

If you post an announcement into the announce w/o cc-ing the present
it'll be very likely rejected. If you post an announcement into the
present list,
please be so kind to cc the announce list.


Russian Rock in Israel mailing list home page can be found at

To unsubscribe, please send mail to with only the following line in the message body (NOT SUBJECT!): unsubscribe ru-rock-in-il

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