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Date: Mon 20 Jul 1998 - 13:46:38 IDT

>Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 03:35:30 +0400
>From: Eugene Kossoy <>
>Subject: Lament song
> Kind of confession or lament... I feel great lack of expressive
> abilities, my language... Anyway here it goes...
> Yesterday I attended Nick Cave show (sorry Mattias - in Saint-Petersburg,
> not Moscow one). What I want to tell you can hardly be considered a review,
> it's rather a raw sum of my feelings.
> First of all some facts. The whole show lasted for more than two
> hours, but since they were late by twenty minutes, plus five or so
> minutes of claps before the encore, there were about hour and
> a half of actual playing.
> All seeds were present, including Warren Ellis, who, despite playing
> only in a few songs, looked exactly like mad genius. He seemed a bit
> drugged, but I guess it's his usual state. And yes, there were some
> hugging with Nick before they started playing.
> The setlist (scribbled in the dark for Maurice):
> Far From Me
> Lime Tree Arbour
> Stranger Than Kindness
> Red Right Hand
> Stagger Lee
> West Country Girl (with the help of King Ink II)
> Brompton Oratory (with a bit of mumbling instead of some words :-)
> From Her To Eternity
> Let Love In
> Do You Love Me?
> Mercy Seat
> Weeping Song
> Ship Song
> Into My Arms (sang 'And I believe we can choose our faith' instead of
> '... in some kind of path')
> Encore:
> Plain Gold Ring
> Deanna
> Where The Wild Roses Grow
> You see this was a good program. I cannot estimate whether their
> mood was good enough, Blixa was pretty static, Mick was pretty shy,
> Warren spent almost all the time with his back to the audience (once
> he played something on the keyboard).
> When everything ended I came out completely upset. It seemed like I
> watched a video which I saw millions time before. He seemed, although
> I cannot explain why, he really seemed very removed from the audience,
> like he performed for the group, rather than for us. There were all
> tricks, there were energy and pathos and passion, but he didn't _talked_
> to us, he wasn't pleased with this interaction. I stood at a distance of
> mere meter from the man, whose work meant so much for me, and who himself
> meant equally much till that very moment, and I felt, I clearly felt he has
> nothing to do with me, he is not interested in me. Sure I don't mean
> particular Eugene K, I mean 'me' as his listener, his fan, as someone who
> boils in the Nick Cave collector hell if you wish. Someone has mentioned
> here that he likes his fans. I think it's utter fallacy, wishful thinking,
> alas.
> I realized that the form in which we consume art (as we consume
> everything) - this 'canned art goods' - CDs, cassettes, etc - is
> the ideal form for it. Artist won't (and wouldn't want to) be a friend
> of every one of us. And those of you who are real friends, I envy
> you, you are blessed.
> Well, this show turned a good page in my own story of Nick Cave.
> No doubt I'll keep listening to his records, I'll stay subbed because I
> like talking to you all, but from now on I don't consider Nick Cave as
> a person who is more than just great musician, vivid storyteller, one of
> the many, many old good teasers of the muse.
> Thank you for getting through this rambling.
> Eugene
> P.S. I wish I had a flower to present it to Mick Harvey. If you by chance
> have a spare flower at a gig - give it to Mick, please, he deserve it,
> he is real backbone of Bad Seeds and he is getting much less attention.
> You see - no song is sang with him, no emotions toward him, nothing.
Leonid Ulitsky.
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