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Hi !

Intresting posts from week-end digests :
>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 04:59:17 EDT
>Subject: Bonn Concert and Moscow Show
>Hi All,
>yesterday night after the show Nick came out to sign
>some autographs. When he came by where i was
>standing i asked him "What was wrong with the
>Moscow shows , i heard some people were
>disapointed ? " , after a second he laughed and said
>"there was nothing wrong with Moscow, those were
>good shows , just different ".
>Anyway, Bonn was far more then i expected, nice
>venue , enthusiastic crowd , long show.
>What more could one want.
>I hope itīs going to be just as good in L.A. as well,

>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:02:06 +0200
>From: Arne Fitschen <>
>Subject: Re: Bonn Concert: "Duckie's, Bonn, Germany"
>Maurice Maes wrote:
>> I don't have much to add to Elisabeth's review.
>> It was a very good show, very good for a routine job. :-)
>> The audience was extremely enthusiastic. I would say it
>Very good it was, indeed. Strangely, although Nick seemed to be in a
>rather good mood from the very beginning, he didn't interact quite as
>much with his Bad Seeds as "usual". Of course he kissed Blixa after the
>"wild roses" and he came in arm in arm with Warren for one of the
>encores, but before he never came near to either Blixa or Mick and
>stayed there for a while (he'd rather come to the front of the stage at
>the right hand side, about two metres away from me :). And I realized
>there was a certain mismatch between the slower songs and the more
>powerful ones -- maybe it's better to start a concert with Far from me
>and Lime Tree Arbour in a seated venue only. So I was just "caught" when
>they started "Stranger than kindness" (hmm, well, okay, slow _and_
>powerful:), but from then on it went better and better!
>For about a third or even half of every song Nick came to "our" part of
>the stage, that is, about two metres away from us, singing to us and
>looking into our eyes -- which of course is part of what makes every
>single song so wonderful!
>Well, when it came to the first encore (yes, the audience was _very_
>enthusiastic), they played "Henry Lee", and after that Blixa already
>took his copy of King Ink and waited for "Wild Roses" apparently. Mick
>started another song, Thomes looked a bit puzzled, Mick started again
>and it ended up in the wonderful "Deanna". Then I feared they'd play
>Wild roses (yep, I don't like that song very much), but no, Nick started
>with "Plain Gold Ring", but the music was a bit different from what it
>normally sounds -- maybe they hadn't intended to play it. Anyway, after
>a while they had gotten together and there came the funniest impression
>of the concert: Warren played a violin "solo" (not really) so violently,
>that some of his chords (strings?) were torn. He stood on stage facing
>Thomas, so one could just see him from behind. Because he was smoking
>and there was smoke all over his head it looked like he would mistreat
>his instrument. Anyway, I agree with Maurice, "Plain Gold Ring" was
>beautiful. Then they left the stage for the second time, I feared they
>wouldn't come back, but there they were again PLAYING "TUPELO" -- AND IT
>WAS FANTASTIC!! It's so cool: First of all, they _do_ come back again
>and again, second, they play their "greatest hits"! They even came back
>a third time, this time playing Nobody's Baby Now -- what more could one
>wish for?????????
>When Nick came back on stage a while after the last song to sign
>everything people wanted to have signed (well, "scribble" would be the
>better word: if I hadn't seen him "signing" my ticket I wouldn't know
>whose signature this would be) I took the opportunity to tell him that
>he's the best, but either my English's too bad or he didn't believe me,
>he just smiled shortly and continued scribbling. But at least I told


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