Nick Cave in Tel-Aviv

From: Leonid Ulitsky (
Date: Tue 28 Jul 1998 - 11:48:27 IDT

Hi !

First, it was great !
Second, I've to say, that I wasn't on either Nick show in Israel before (in
'93 and '95),
but I've seen him in Glastonbury one month ago (exactly).
It was very good then, but in Tel-Aviv it was much better.

Set-List (It was collective effort to recall it, so I'm almost 100% sure in

1) Far From Me
2) Lime Tree Arbour
3) Red Right Hand
4) Stranger then Kindness
5) Stagger Lee
6) Henry Lee
7) Brompton Oratory
8) I Let Love In
9) From Her to Enternity
10) Do You Love Me
11) The Mercy Seat
12) Weeping Song
13) Ship Song
14) Into My Arms

Encore 1:
15) Wild Roses
16) Deanna
17) Plain Gold Ring

Encore 2:
18) Tupelo
19) Nobody's Baby Now

The concert started at 21:00, and there were 2 warm-ups of Israeli bands.
Nick came to stage
at 22:50, and left at 0:40. The venue was full - I think that means some
3.500 people,
may be even more. There was no picture on the back of the stage, like in
Glastonbury - was
it in other tour concerts ? We've sat in the pass in the amphitheater,
opposit the center of the stage. Good place, I've seen everything, but it
was a bit too crowdy (like in every place
in the venue, actually). Nick was in good mood, definetely - said "Thanks"
after almost every song, but didn't talk too much besides that. Here are
some of Nick's comments to the songs
(seems rather usual):
 "Stranger then kindness" - "This song wrote Anita Lane - have you heard
about Anita Lane ?"
 "Rad Right Hand" - "This song is for Beni" (I don't know who's that)
 "Stagger Lee" - "this song is about bad man"
 "Henry Lee" - "this song is about bad-bad man"
 "Weeping Song" - "This is the song to weep"
and so on...

On "Plain Gold Ring" some girl came to stage, and during all the song Nick
stood hugging her.
At some point security guy tried to take her off, but Nick didn't let him.
During "Nobody's Baby now", he came to the front line, took some presents,
that people gave him, and signed couple of authographs. he finished with
"Great thanks" again, and "See you in
couple of years" - I can't wait for so long, and I'm going to Haifa today.

The public was great. I've heard a lot, that Israel is THE PLACE to see
Nick Cave, and yesterday, I've understood why. The crowd sang along with
Nick from "Do You Love Me", and till the end, seems that everybody knew all
the songs.

Those are the facts in short. I'll put review on my homepage, and post the
URL later.And I hope we'll get something unusual in Haifa today - it's
smaller venue, and the last European
concert of the tour.


Leonid Ulitsky.
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