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From: Michael N. Livshin (
Date: Mon 02 Nov 1998 - 22:57:32 IST

Anatoly Vorobey <> writes:

> You, Michael N. Livshin, were spotted writing this on Mon, Nov 02, 1998 at 07:45:59PM +0200:
> > DO NOT SET Reply-to: TO THE LIST, DAMMIT. When I hit reply,
> > I'm supposed to be replying to the person, not following up.
> This isn't universally true. Mailing lists aren't Usenet, therefore
> "following up" isn't defined as an operation uniquely distinct
> from "replying". It's all email, anyway.

This is what my friendly Gnus manual has to say on the subject:

<quoth source="Gnus">
     Elements like `(broken-reply-to . t)' signal that `Reply-To'
     headers in this group are to be ignored. This can be useful if
     you're reading a mailing list group where the listserv has inserted
     `Reply-To' headers that point back to the listserv itself. This is
     broken behavior. So there!

But I agree that for a list with 35 subscribers it's not very
important. I thought the list is bigger. Silly me. What a relief.

> It isn't brain damage, it's a feature controllable in majordomo.

You are _not_ completely serious, now are you? ;)

> [ lots of valid and well-put stuff schnibbled ]
> There isn't any universal consensus about whether mailing lists
> should have Reply-To: directed to the list. I subscribe to very many
> mailing lists, and this behavior varies from list to list.

For technical lists, there certainly _is_ a concensus. But that's
irrelevant here, right.

> Moreover, good mailers have different keys for usual reply, which
> honors the Reply-To: header, and reply which sends directly to the From:
> header. In this case there isn't any problem at all.
> (Bad mailers, on the other hand, have little icons instead of keys).

Well, I really hope that we won't get 35 people proudly listing their
favorite mailers here because of this patronizing comment of yours.
Right, kids? Good!

> Sincerely,
> Anatoly.

No shit,

Put your foot where your mouth is.  Or not.
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