Lou Reed

From: leonid ulitsky (leonid_ulitsky_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon 15 May 2000 - 19:24:39 IDT

Hi !

Zdes' na liste "Rolling Stones" promel'knulo pro
concert Lou Reeda v Paris :

"For those interested, the show was a killer.
Lou played 150 minutes and 21 songs but the set list
was incredible : 9 songs from his last CD called
Ecstasy, 1 unrealeased played as an encore, 8
half obscured from the 90's and only 3 "hits" : Sweet
Jane, Vicious and Perfect day to conclude the show."

Eto konecho ne znachit, chto tak budet i u nas...

Ot sebya skazhu, chto po-moemu poslednij album
"Ecstasy" ochen' horosh i vpolne v duhe
starogo dobrogo Lou Reeda.


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