Re: Ura-a-aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esli eto, konechno, pravda :))

From: leonid ulitsky (
Date: Sat 07 Oct 2000 - 00:14:45 IST

Hi !

Nu daj-to B-g, hotya eto nado so skepsisom vosprinimat'.
ya pro eto chital v kakoj-to iz ivritskih izdanij.
Tam pravda pro imena nichego ne bylo, no bylo napisano,
chto etot man utverzhdal, chto s israel storony producerom budet Shuki Weis,
a Shuki Weis skazal, chto pervyj raz pro eto slyshit...
I voobshe man neochen' nadezhnyj, izvesten svoimi vykrutasami...
No mozhet chego iz etog i vyjdet, kak znat' %^))))


> Hou!
> Vot chto nashel na sayte pro Radiohed, na kotoryy kto-to kinul ssylku v
> tekilovskuyu gostevuhu:
> --------------------------------------
> *Radiohead in the desert?
> This is from
> U2 and Radiohead are targeted to headline a major three-day rock festival in
> Israel next spring.
> The event, to celebrate the Jewish Jubilee, is being organised by Perry
> Farrell, former frontman of Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros and the man
> who co-founded the legendary Lollapalooza travelling festivals in America.
> Farrell is a keen student of Jewish history and mysticism and is taken by the
> idea of the Jewish Jubilee, a celebration of liberty and renewal which is
> held every 50 years and dates back to the Jews entering the promised land
> after their exodus from Egypt.
> Farrell knows Bono and Thom Yorke via their work together on the Jubilee 2000
> campaign for the cancelling of Third World debt and hopes to use this
> friendship to persuade the stars to join him for the Israeli festival.
> The event, which will be held at Tel Arad, an ancient ruined city in the
> Judean desert, is expected to attract around 100,000 people.
> -------------------------------------
> Free Tibet!
> Tricky
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