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Live XS, February 2001: live review Yuri Naumov at the Chasse Theatre,
Breda, December 3th 2000

Vot vam esche parochka mneniy:

Yuri Naumov, Chasse Theatre, Breda, December 3, 2001

Seeing is believing. Since I was quite impressed by the cd Guitar Stories,
of the Russian 'blues' guitarist Yuri Naumov, it seemed logical that a visit
to the theatre to witness a live-performance would pay off. Blues should not
be interpreted literally here: the sound of this unique autodidact is closer
to Blues & (far) beyond. Naumov and his nine-string guitar are one and the
same entity. Next to guitar, his instrument also functions as bass-guitar
and percussion. He caresses, strikes and tickles his guitar in order to
tempt his beloved to release the prettiest melodies. Ranging from lovely to
rough to psychedelic. Naumov also knows his way around vocally: the entire
spectre, from whisper to scream, is to be heard. This man is a man with a
story and he tells it in a way that leaves you breathless and flabbergasted.
I'm a believer!
(Jos Raats)
(from: Live XS, 4th year, 2nd edition, February 2001)


Para Breda, May 7th 2000

'Dis is anozzer sickedelic bluese composition'. At most concerts, artists
announcing songs in such poor English will be, openly or secretly, laughed
at. No-one dared to break the silence at Yuri Naumov's performance, however.
With good reason. During the first song already, I was gasping for air from
sheer amazement and admiration.

Russian blues guitarist? Not really. World musician? Definitely! In the
literal as well as the figurative sense of the word. Yuri originates from
Russia but lives in New York, and to classify his work as blues would be to
insult him. Moreover, three out of four songs (of which 90% in Russian), he
sang in a way that would ban the late Jeff Buckley into oblivion and with
the conviction that granted Jacques Brel with immortality. If Yuri Naumov
ever reaches the status of a legend, it will be because of the magnificent
way he plays his (9-string) guitar.

With blues being merely the stepping stone for his compositions, he takes
his audience on an adventurous voyage around the world. Elements from Slavic
and Asian folk, jazz, country and even flamenco music are fit into a
seamless, unique and inimitable style. In two sets of more than two hours,
Yuri Nau-mov created a serene, almost oppressive atmosphere in a sober but
tastefully decorated Para. A revelation.

This modern Nikkelen Nelis has the speed of a Spanisch flamenco, the rhythm
of West-European rockmusic and the melodrama of the Russian folkmusic.
(Willem Jongeneelen)
(from: BN/De Stem, May 4th 2000)

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