"Shoom" v "Nest"-e 9/10/02

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Date: Tue 01 Oct 2002 - 15:18:22 IDT

"Shoom" в "Nest"-е
9 октября в 22:00 в пабе "Нест" (адрес: ул. Йермиягу, 7 Тель-Авив) состоится
концерт иерусалимской группы "Shoom" ( http://meatexz.com/shoom )
"Shoom" состоит из 5-ти разноплановых музыкантов - классических, фолковых и
"роковых" - и экспериментирует с народной музыкой Кавказа и Средиземноморья,
создавая остроумные современные обработки фольклорных мелодий в стиле,
который сами музыканты называют "этно-кор".

Пара цитат о группе из разных источников :

⌠Shoom is steeped in traditional music but √ percussion and bass driven √
their output is equally suited for dancefloor.■
                      (Folkworld, Germany)
⌠Shoom are the kind of band who transform orignal traditional folksongs into
something completely new┘■
                      (Didier Becu,Original Sin - Belgium)
⌠┘they have done a good job of fusing traditional music with modern
accompaniment without losing the essentials of either. Their songs are, for
the most part, reworkings of traditional tunes, and they are carefully
designed to retain the original melodies▓ charms. The rock instrumentation
gives a bottom end to these melodies that brings out new colors in them: it
doesn▓t hurt either that the players here are excellent┘ Shoom is folk music
with attitude┘■
                      (Brett McCallon, ⌠Splendid■ magazine, USA)

Visit our websites
   http://www.geocities.com/domarisociety - Gypsies in Israel
   http://www.meatexz.com/shoom - ethno-rock band from Jerusalem.

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