Vassilii's $EDITORs Sucks-Rules-O-Meter

The data below is produced by means of the script from the Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter, edited to put in the relevant editor-specific keywords. The modified script is available under the same (GNU GPL) license, see the script for details. You might also be interested in the source to check out what keywords exactly are sought for.

Once I learned about the amazing s-r-o-m technology, I immediately established this page in order to make sure that vi (actually vim) rules. As the results show, it does!
 sucks rules

Updated Wed Dec 7 18:26:31 2011 GMT.

The data is updated weekly. If you want to publicly express your opinion about a particular editor, don't e-mail me; go to the comp.editors newsgroup instead... Be sure to include "sucks" or "rules" into your posting subject line so that a typical newsreader setup can treat your message accordingly. ;-)

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(This section is biased and incomplete, as opposed to the previous one.)
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