FW: What's the best rock'n'roll band ? - Theorem.

From: Leonid Ulitsky (ulitsky_at_WIZTEC.CO.IL)
Date: Sun 31 Jan 1999 - 14:03:17 IST

A, vot ya eshe tut nashel, poka kopalsya. Posvyashaetsya Gershu %^)

> Hi !
> Ezheli kto eshe ne vrubilsya - izlozhennoe nizhe, eto
> absolutno seriezno.
> >Taken from NME 25th Oct 97, page 4 News in Brief
> >
> >An American University philosophy professor has proclaimed
> >STONES the best rock band ever based on a mathematical formula he
> >developed. Professor Crispin Sartwell, a pioneeer in
> Quantative Aesthetic
> >Theory, says the STONES beat the BEATLES to the honour
> because they stuck
> >to their blues roots. "Mick Jagger never mistook himself for
> a pavorotti
> >or Ts eliot. Keith Richards never tried to do anything but
> make great
> >little riffs" said Sartwell who has based his conclusion on
> empirical
> >analysis. His frist law establishes that the quality of a
> rock band is
> >inversely proportional to its pretentiosness. A band's
> pretentiosness is
> >expressed as a ratio of artistic ambition to artistic
> accomplishment,
> >Sartwell argues. Suprisingly given his research basis Oasis figured
> >nowhere in sartwells calculations although the Ramones were
> deemed to be
> >excellent. Bruce springstein and U2 were described as
> purveying simple
> >tunes with " an elaborateness usually reserved for
> Wagnerian Operas".
> >

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