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From: Kyril Solntsev (
Date: Mon 29 Mar 1999 - 00:02:46 IST

Vot kstati chto rekommenduet mne moi Moskovskii priyatel':

are in a priveleged position: we in Moscow must go through the city to
American embassy and throw ink and eggs at this overcrowded and small
territory to express our protest, but you can throw rotten eggs everywhere
because America is around you!..."

Ya i dumayu, poiti chto-l' nagadit' posredi campusa v znak protesta.... ;-)

No zamesto etogo ya shodil v kino na
"Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels" -
OCHEN' klassnyi novyi Londonskii film - takaya gemuchaya smes'
Pulp Fiction, Shallow Grave i Trainspotting. S ne menee obaldennoi
muzykoi. Tak chto vse bezhite.


                Kyril, Atlanta

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