Vassilii Khachaturov: free software and documentation

Free advice

Thanks for your interest in what I can offer you for free. I do not charge money for the software below, but if you really like it I welcome you to write me an e-mail. Your thanks will certainly light my day and encourage my further free software development efforts. If you don't use anything below, there are probably other free software developers whose software you do use; you can be sure that if you write them a small e-mail thanking them for their hard work, they'll be happier and maybe even write more stuff that you like, they won't be annoyed in the worst case :-)

If you really have resources to thank somebody for their free software development effort, try improving the documentation of your favourite project, or write a good and descriptive bug report that will enable other users to know what to avoid and the developers what to fix. If you are reading this far, why not to try sending a patch, maybe adding a feature you miss or fixing a minor bug that annoys you but doesn't get fixed otherwise. This is what I try to do as well. There are lots of projects that got my "thank you" patches, I am particularly happy to have advanced (even if by a tiny little bit), as part of this "thank you" initiative, cvsweb, wireshark, doxygen, flightgear, Gramps, and quite a few packages in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

Any meaningful feedback is mostly welcome. Non-constructive flames will be stored in /dev/null.



See also several modest contributions that I have made to the Wikipedia collaborative on-line encyclopaedia project.