PilotFORTH Reversi board

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PilotFORTH Reversi startup screen shot I just wanted to have an Reversi board always in my pocket, and there was none available freely for PalmPilot. Once at a birthday party, when almost everyone else was drunk (or was I too drunk myself :-) ?) and I had nothing to do, I wrote the first version -- completely on the Pilot, no PC editing or Copilot testing at all! It took me a little more than two hours. There was no tapping then -- one had to say things like A 8 MOVE and PASS to play, and there was no score count, but it was pretty playable even then. Today it is mature enough to be used not only by me.

Please accept my apologizes for not-that-clean coding style (I sometimes sacrificed readability to the source code size, especially when I hit the 4Kb memo size limit). Even though not optimized for reading by others, the program source can be a good example for what one can do with Pilot/FORTH/PilotFORTH.

Memory appetite notes

FORTH dictionary space consumed when you INCLUDE reversi is 4596 bytes.
PilotFORTH consumes 13Kbytes when reversi has been loaded. Thus, unfortunately, it does not run on PalmPilot Personal (only 2K dictionary space available).

How to install and run PilotFORTH Reversi board

  1. Fetch and install PilotFORTH from Neal Bridges.
  2. Download the FORTH source bundle. The ZIP file you download contains the following files: as well as the present page.
  3. Install each file as a memo on your Pilot. I use a special category Forth for all my PilotFORTH sources, but you can use any. Be sure also to install the core memo (the file CORE.4TH can be found within the PilotFORTH distribution zip).
  4. Switch to PilotFORTH, and type INCLUDE core.
  5. Now type INCLUDE reversi. A new game starts automatically.