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This is the home page of the ru-rock-in-il and ru-rock-in-il-announce mailing lists.


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This page, as well as the associated mailing lists, comprise an attempt to further interconnect those who care about Russian rock in Israel. The mailing list in its initial stage (announced in private e-mails in the beginning of Feb., 1998 (Shvat, 5758 :-) )) had 15 subscribers. At its height about 5 years later it had over 300 subscribers. Now that mailing lists are no longer the vogue, these pages serve the archives of the old postings.

Thank you, the subscribers, for being the great community you were. And, of course, thanks to all those who write and perform the Russian rock music!


was the main discussion list. It was not moderated, which means that any subscriber could send an email to it, and if the email passed some automatic validity tests, it was immediately be sent out to all the subscribers. It was open to free discussions, primary topic being the Russian rock music in Israel. Sometimes we speak about rock music in general, sometimes about the Russian rock music culture news which do not relate to anything in Israel. Usually, it is no more than 3 messages a workday, peak being 30 messages as of 16/Feb/1998 - such things happen when there is a hot event going on or about to take place. When such a flurry of messages happened for the first time back then, we thought of establishing


-- the moderated version, that contains the announcements about the upcoming events, or otherwise important cultural news of interest to the Russian rock in Israel audience. A slight problem with this list is that some members of the main discussion list post announcements to the main list only, without sending a copy to the announcement list (e.g., if they tell about a small in-apartment concert etc.). Only if the moderator notices this message on time and voluntary forwards it over, it can get to the moderated one. Another problem is that even if you post to the announcement list, your message still won't appear in it until the moderator approves it.

Archives of the old postings

The mailing list server automatically archives the messages posted to the list.

The lists are archived with hypermail:

Where to buy records/tickets

Shop Description Location Phone
Auris Media Concerts: organizing, tickets, info, records, books, recording etc.
Rok-Klub Concerts: organizing, tickets, info, records
Site has live chat, guestbook etc.
Evrejskie Shtuchki Concerts: organizing, tickets, info. Jaffo 234 (near the old bus central, above "Shekem"), Jerusalem 02-5386137
Arbat Concerts: info, tickets, group transportations to concerts in other cities. haHaluts 115, Be'er-Sheva


These are the people that made the things up and running (in alphabetic order).

Da Frup
The one who put up the idea that we need to have e-mail communication. Was an active promoter of the mailing list in its earliest stages, when it was the most needed to gain the momentum to get going.
Mark "d0c" Ignatovsky
Rock author and a rock band leader. See his Rock-Club for Russian Bands in Israel pages and a page devoted to Yuri Naumov. Organized a great non-profit concert of Yuri Naumov in Technion, Haifa. It was his announcement of his Yuri Naumov's corner that gave birth to the mailing list. And it was this concert that inspired a lot of other folks on the list to try their skills in bringing here the bands they would like to see perform in Israel.
Vassilii Khachaturov (BACbKA)
Runs the mailing list and this web page.
John Neystadt (}|{EHbKA)
Provided the mailing list e-mail alias and the majordomo service.
Leonid Ulitsky
Runs his own concert reviews page. Together with Victor Levin set up the Auris Media project.

Russian Rock Links

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