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Date: Thu 23 Jul 1998 - 08:59:54 IDT

>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 00:08:49 +0200
>From: Elisabeth Hoerning <>
>Subject: Bonn Concert "Review"
>Hi Goodkids!
>One hour back from the concert, I'm sitting here with a bottle of Barbera
>d'Asti from 1995 and I've decided to write a short review in my bad english
>(but the wine helps;-) before I forget the most.
>It was a nice sunny day after such a weather here in Germany (you
>get what you deserve..).
>The location was between two museums, a tent, but more open air, a lot of
>people, 2.000, 3.000, don't know.
>Nick Cave was the main act, no festival, thanx god.
>The supporting act was a german band called "geschmeido" (geschmeid*e* =
>jewels), nothing spectacular.
>At 20.00 the concert begun (german *Puenktlichkeit*!), they played for
>almost two hours.
>Three encores!!
>For me it seemed, that they were in a better mood than the rest of the tour
>(according to the reviews I've read here). Perhaps they prefer to play as
>the main act (more as on festivals). Nick was relaxed (and he smoked).
>Several times "dankeschoen" and at the end two or three times "God bless
>you". And Blixa (compared with the concert in Bruxelles last year, the last
>one, that I saw) was not so bored, he seemed to have many fans here, during
>WTWRG he got more applause then nick, good for his wounded ego. When he was
>screaming on Stagger Lee (?) he laugh about himself! WTWRG as usual, Nick
>kissed him on the mouth.
>The highlight (for me) was Plain Gold Ring, much better than on "Live
>Seeds", with great intensity, the solo was played by Warren Ellis.
>During the encores he wore a T-Shirt with "Duckies" (a gift from Luke?!?).
>That was it, nothing special happened.
>Set list
>Main block without order (I had neither pencil nor paper), corrections are
>Far from me (with sunglasses, after the song they were put down)
>Stranger than kindness ("this song was written by Anita Lane")
>West country girl
>>From her to eternity ("this is a story about a girl", hmm, sometimes he
>repeats himself ;-)
>Do you love me part II
>Mercy seat
>The ship song
>Into my arms
>Let love in (?)
>Stagger Lee ("this is a song about a bad bad man")
>The weeping song
>Brompton oratory
>- -----
>Henry Lee
>Plain gold ring (yeah!!)
>- -----
>Where the wild roses grow
>- -----
>Nobodys Baby now
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