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Date: Thu 01 Jun 2000 - 17:13:57 IDT

> > Song Remains the Same and it becomes
> > pretty obvious Page and Plant could never
> > hope to match Townshend and Co.'s near-
> > psychotic intensity onstage..."
> Ya dumaju, chto eto napisano zlostnym fanatom The Who, a fanaty Led Zeps (i

> ya, kak byvshii) s nim posporil by...

    Nu, esli sravnivat' live concerts The Who i LZ obrazca 1970, to po urovnyu
ochumelosti i uragana Townsend + Moon >>> Plant + Bonham. Ya k poslednim
otnoshus' s glubochaishim pochteniem, no posle znakomstva s koncertnoi storonoi
The Who dumayu, chto i ty so mnoi soglasishsya.

Eshe citata:

".......The Who was one of the most energetic acts in rock 'n' roll history, and
 Rhino Home Video has them live, tirelessly performing at the famous Isle
 Of Wight festival.

 Recorded at the renowned music festival in August 1970, THE WHO:
 ISLE OF WIGHT collects "My Generation," "Magic Bus," "I Can't Explain,"
 and many more of the group's exhilarating '60s singles, as well as
 selections from the breakthrough rock opera Tommy, one of the band's
 best known works, which remained on the charts for more than two

 Just one year after Woodstock, the Isle of Wight Music Festival drew
 more than 600,000 people to a small island off the coast of England. At
 2:00 a.m. on August 30, 1970, this normally quiet island rumbled with a
 potent and expressive force of energy as The Who mounted the festival
 stage. Roger Daltrey (vocals), Keith Moon (drums), John Entwistle
 (bass), and Pete Townshend (guitar) played continuously until 5:00 a.m.,
 pounding through seven of their powerful pop hits, plus 13 songs from
 the rock opera Tommy. With Townshend spontaneously smashing his
 electric guitar and Moon destroying his drum kit, The Who once again
 proved themselves the greatest live act in the history of rock with this
 whirlwind performance.

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